Live Streaming Links on your Website - Customizing Form
General Settings
Bet 365
Fonts and colors:
Font Type:
Font Color: [r]
Background Color: [r]
Font Size:
Links Color: [r]
Links Hover Color: [r]
Tabs and Slides:
Active Tab Color/Body Color: [r]
Slides Color: [r]
Start Time and Event Title Font Size:
Inactive Tab Color: [r]
Start Time Color: [r]
Inside Slide Background Color: [r]
Event Title Color: [r]
Internet TV Headers:
TV Names Font Color: [r]
TV Names Background Color: [r]
Links Lines Background Color (1): [r]
Links Lines Background Color (2): [r]
Links Lines Background Hover Color: [r]
TV Names Font Size:
Time Zone list:
Time Zone Font Color: [r]
Time Zone Background Color: [r]
Time Zone font size:

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